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Monday, January 5, 2015

周麗淇 Niki Chow Music CD

Item Code : NC-04
BND $ 12
周麗淇-願望 Single CD
Import from HK / HK Version
Condition : 99% Like New


Item Code : NC-03
BND $ 50
周麗淇-Redefine Niki 周麗琪 CD 加 DVD ( 親筆簽名 )
Import from HK
Condition : 90% Used


Item Code : NC-02
BND $ 17
周麗淇-F.L.Y. CD
Import from HK
Condition : 99% Like New


Item Code : NC-01
BND $ 150
周麗淇-4CD Debut 1st to 4th Album
Import from HK
Condition : Used 99% Like New


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